Pain Management

aaAlice is a pain control specialist with her own discoveries and excellent results. She gained an understanding of pain and suffering from her own experience with excruciating pain that affected the quality of her life. She spent years searching for alternative methods to deal with it. She incorporated many unique techniques but still the results were slow. Then, she focused on delivering a relief faster. She spent two years perfecting, researching and experimenting until she reached her goal. Finally, she developed her own unique approach, one that would decrease pain in the simplest, most natural way - and in the shortest time. This approach has produced outstanding results for her patients. (See our testimonials.)

APC’s PAIN MANAGEMENT provides a unique effective protocol of acupressure technique for numerous ailments including joints and muscle pain. Relief comes within a shorter time compared to other therapies. This very precise work takes between 30 to 90 minutes per session, and usually the underlying problem can be addressed with one to three visits. Longer, precise work always brings a faster relief. Complicated conditions may require more sessions.

Pain is most often felt in muscles that have been "insulted." These tender spots can lie quiet for years, but then flare up when conditions are right, and physical and emotional stress are high. When that happens, muscles tighten. If those muscles are in your neck, you may wake up with your head at a painful angle (stiff neck). If they are in your back, you join the backache crowd. If the muscles under your scalp act up, you develop a headache. After a while, the tender point may calm down, the muscles relax, and you may think you are fine. But without treatment, the pain can return.

aaIn addition to these tender spots, many times after an injury or inflammation, or a stressful event, overwork, or other activity, the body reacts by producing lactic acid or other toxins. Some people build up more lactic acid than others. Lactic acid may crystallize and harden into what feels like a layer of cement between your muscles. The muscles cannot function properly, and if ignored, the condition gets worse. It is very difficult to break up this store "cement".

Many people suffer from allergies, which can produce toxins that are released and stored in many places in the body—organs, glands, under the skin, or in fatty tissue, often pressing on nerves and causing pain. Inhalants or toxins can also penetrate through the skin to settle in muscle tissue and cause inflammation. BioSET,™ a therapy for the elimination of allergies and sensitivities, takes care of this problem, desensitizes a person to allergens/toxins, and prevents storage of toxins in the body. The combination of both BioSET™ and APC’s pain therapy is necessary for some patients. Also, specific therapeutic exercises are used for quick gains in range of motion and flexibility.

Allergy Pain Center provides:

  • Care for athletes: muscular, ROM, flexibility (golfers, tennis players, runners, gymnasts, swimmers, professional dancers, soccer players, and anyone interested in staying in good shape and gaining flexibility).

  • Specialty care for: shoulder pain; headaches/migraines; neck pain; TMJ; chest pain with negative cardiac test results; backache and sciatica; hip, knee, ankle, hand and foot pain; tennis elbow; carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness in hand; and more.


Therapeutic Exercise

aaAPC uses Proprioreceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretches to make quick gains in range of motion and flexibility. The two types of stretches most often used are:

Contract-Relax (CR) technique. The client isometrically contracts the muscle that is being stretched by pressing the limb against therapist. The therapist will not allow the limb to move, and the contraction continues for six seconds. The amount of pressure the client uses in the stretch will build to from 50 to 100 percent. When the therapist is working to help the client regain range of motion and flexibility due to injury or immobilization, the stretching technique starts with a lighter contraction of 25 to 50 percent and works up to 100 percent. The therapist maintains position as the client relaxes the muscles and takes a deep breath. This step is very important. On exhalation, the therapist gently assists the limb into a deeper stretch and repeats three to five times.

Contract-Relax, Antagonist-Contract (CRAC) technique. This stretch is done the same way as CR, except the therapist will not assist the limb into the deeper stretch. The client will contract the antagonist muscle to deepen the stretch.










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“There is no question that BioSET can identify and eliminate food and environmental allergies and sensitivities, while detoxifying and rebalancing the organs, glands and body systems, including the immune system. It also enhances the positive effects of other protocols. It is an invaluable therapy on its own or with others”

Mary K. Levenstein, ND, PhD,
Princeton, NJ

"I was having a problem with anxiety and panic attack while I was driving on the highways, especially 295 and the turnpike. I mentioned my problem to Alice, she treated me with BioSET. I can now drive in the heavy traffic without having anxiety - I am so calm. I was allergic to carbon monoxide! Thank you Alice."

Alicia Arrioso, Yardville, NJ

"BioSET has eliminated my debilitating
migraines, chronic sinus problems and made me a healthier, happier person."

C.L. Daniels, New York, NY

"I was very desperate. I have suffered from sinus problems since I was a child. I was treated for sinus infections and I was on medications for allergies, but nothing seemed to work. I had headeches every day and had no energy. I could not breathe or smell anything. Someone in my office recommended Alice. She tested me, and i had many allergies. Since she has been treating me, I can breathe and I can smell again! I do not get sinus infections anymore, and I am off all medications. I have so much more energy and even my thyroid has been getting better and my doctor has decreased my thyroid medication. Alice has helped me so much. She truly is gifted and is very dedicated to her work. She spends a lot of time with her clients to help them. I am very grateful to her, and I highly recommend her. She is exceptional!"

Nancy Kozic, Hamilton, NJ

"Our first born son at age seven months experienced frequent ear infections with high fever and crying - especially during the night. There were many doctor visits to specialists and emergency doctors who frequently put him on antibiotics, and not one of them worked. An ear doctor recommended surgery to put tubes in his ears. We were desperate, and we wanted to stop his discomfort as soon as possible. We agreed to the surgery and were happy when the earaches stopped. We thought we did the best for our son. But, three weeks later, the ear infections started again, and our son was back on antibiotics and analgesics. The surgeon recommended a second surgery. That is when we started looking at other options and someone recommended Alice and Bioset Therapy. After each Bioset procedure to detect different allergens, Alice was able to clear them and our son saw immediate relief. Alice did all this without causing any pain or giving any medication to our son. As the treatments progressed, he turned into a smiling and happy child again, and his hearing and communication improved. I would recommend Alice to anyone whose baby has ear infections or some other issue requiring medication. "

Maria Stolts, Red Bank, NJ

"I kept a very healthy life style and ate healthy food including lots of fruits, but I was suffering deep pain in the bones and no medication worked. As the pain worse, I decided to detoxify with juices. After I was more in pain and swollen, I leared about Bioset and wanted to try it. There was nothing else left to try. Bioset testing showed I was allergic to fructose. After a month doing Bioset, I was pain free. I recommend Bioset to everyone. Many thanks Alice."

Pat, Mercerville, NJ

"I was about to live with a cat and I had been HIGHLY allergic to cats since birth. When I found Alice who does BioSET Therapy through the phone book I was seeking an alternative treatment for my allergy. I didn't want to spend years getting regular injections from an allergist, as some people have. I had never heard of BioSET. I was curious about it... After only four treatments I was no longer allergic to cats!! I was stunned beyond words. I still can't believe it. Never in my life could I go near a cat, now I live with a very fluffy one who is constantly by my side. It's still very difficult to believe, but I am living proof that BioSET works and I am staying with Alice to CURE every one of my allergies!!"

Stacey Wolph, Hamilton, NJ