Toxicity & Detoxification

Over the last 100 years, there have been drastic changes in our environment: second hand smoke, treated water supplies, medication, food grown for quantity then for quality and countless industrial toxins.

  • In the last several decades our food supply, drinking water, air and soil have become increasingly contaminated with toxic chemicals. Never before has a human body been presented with such a heavy burden of foreign substances to metabolize and eliminate. Excessive use of fast food, caffeine and alcohol plus over the counter prescription and recreational drugs tax the human body beyond its natural capabilities of detoxification.
  • Other common sources in everyday life include stress and emotional trauma, poorly digested food, noise, cleaning products, electromagnetic energy from high-voltage cables and household electronic devices such as computers and TV, environmental toxins as heavy metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, pollens, smog, bacteria, parasites and fungi.
  • Another source of toxins is the metabolic wastes that our own system cannot process and remove—for example: excess uric acid, free radicals substances that can damage or kill cells, residues of medicinal and recreational drugs, and excess estrogen and cortisol.

 When all these combination of toxins assault us - the individuals - our immune system capacity to protect our body’s balance is overwhelmed. This promotes premature aging, lack of sufficient energy, and poor enzyme production. All this that detract from the healthy functioning of each our cells and the result is: We feel tired and depressed, and we have allergic reaction to foods - that were no problem before!!  Food allergies are often the result, also.

To discern the difference between toxicity and food allergies is nearly impossible. That is why the first step is a program of detoxification, and after this we can look at the symptoms that remain and match them with food allergies. If you are struggling with food allergies, that could be an early warning sign that your system cannot adequately detoxify itself.. The intervention is needed!! In fact, helping your body to detoxify is the first step toward freedom from food allergies.

BioSET protocol take all these issues into account and begin with therapies designed to reduce the toxic load to allow the desensitization (clearing) of allergies to work more easily and successfully.

BioSET Protocol:

  • Evaluation the level of toxicity
  • Enzyme Evaluation 
  • Specific-organ detoxification
  • BioSET™ Method, Homeopathic remedies and BioSET™ Enzymes are used to detoxify the body.

These homeopathic remedies not only detoxify, they have also been formulated to aid lymphatic drainage. Drainage is vital!  Many detoxification protocols flush toxins from the body, but not drain them thus allowing the toxins to remain in the body.










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“There is no question that BioSET can identify and eliminate food and environmental allergies and sensitivities, while detoxifying and rebalancing the organs, glands and body systems, including the immune system. It also enhances the positive effects of other protocols. It is an invaluable therapy on its own or with others”

Mary K. Levenstein, ND, PhD,
Princeton, NJ

"I was having a problem with anxiety and panic attack while I was driving on the highways, especially 295 and the turnpike. I mentioned my problem to Alice, she treated me with BioSET. I can now drive in the heavy traffic without having anxiety - I am so calm. I was allergic to carbon monoxide! Thank you Alice."

Alicia Arrioso, Yardville, NJ

"BioSET has eliminated my debilitating
migraines, chronic sinus problems and made me a healthier, happier person."

C.L. Daniels, New York, NY

"I was very desperate. I have suffered from sinus problems since I was a child. I was treated for sinus infections and I was on medications for allergies, but nothing seemed to work. I had headeches every day and had no energy. I could not breathe or smell anything. Someone in my office recommended Alice. She tested me, and i had many allergies. Since she has been treating me, I can breathe and I can smell again! I do not get sinus infections anymore, and I am off all medications. I have so much more energy and even my thyroid has been getting better and my doctor has decreased my thyroid medication. Alice has helped me so much. She truly is gifted and is very dedicated to her work. She spends a lot of time with her clients to help them. I am very grateful to her, and I highly recommend her. She is exceptional!"

Nancy Kozic, Hamilton, NJ

"Our first born son at age seven months experienced frequent ear infections with high fever and crying - especially during the night. There were many doctor visits to specialists and emergency doctors who frequently put him on antibiotics, and not one of them worked. An ear doctor recommended surgery to put tubes in his ears. We were desperate, and we wanted to stop his discomfort as soon as possible. We agreed to the surgery and were happy when the earaches stopped. We thought we did the best for our son. But, three weeks later, the ear infections started again, and our son was back on antibiotics and analgesics. The surgeon recommended a second surgery. That is when we started looking at other options and someone recommended Alice and Bioset Therapy. After each Bioset procedure to detect different allergens, Alice was able to clear them and our son saw immediate relief. Alice did all this without causing any pain or giving any medication to our son. As the treatments progressed, he turned into a smiling and happy child again, and his hearing and communication improved. I would recommend Alice to anyone whose baby has ear infections or some other issue requiring medication. "

Maria Stolts, Red Bank, NJ

"I kept a very healthy life style and ate healthy food including lots of fruits, but I was suffering deep pain in the bones and no medication worked. As the pain worse, I decided to detoxify with juices. After I was more in pain and swollen, I leared about Bioset and wanted to try it. There was nothing else left to try. Bioset testing showed I was allergic to fructose. After a month doing Bioset, I was pain free. I recommend Bioset to everyone. Many thanks Alice."

Pat, Mercerville, NJ

"I was about to live with a cat and I had been HIGHLY allergic to cats since birth. When I found Alice who does BioSET Therapy through the phone book I was seeking an alternative treatment for my allergy. I didn't want to spend years getting regular injections from an allergist, as some people have. I had never heard of BioSET. I was curious about it... After only four treatments I was no longer allergic to cats!! I was stunned beyond words. I still can't believe it. Never in my life could I go near a cat, now I live with a very fluffy one who is constantly by my side. It's still very difficult to believe, but I am living proof that BioSET works and I am staying with Alice to CURE every one of my allergies!!"

Stacey Wolph, Hamilton, NJ